HFL's Premiere event is a 9 v 9 tournament that flag football has never seen before. Teams will register for the group stage called "The Calling". Once registered all teams will be placed into a random group bracket. To be invited to the Gauntlet teams must win their respective group.There will be a second place tournament held to grant access to The Gauntlet to one team as well.  The top 8 teams will then participate in the premiere single elimination tournament. The HFL will host its first Inaugural Gauntlet July 3rd,2020. The event will be recorded via drone, sideline and endzone cameras with 4K quality so you don't miss a thing in the mixtapes. We encourage vendors to come and set up shop for the spectators present to be exposed to your brand as well.  For teams wishing to register the team fee is $300 and max roster size of 20 players. Vendors simply need to send their info and logo to hypefootball91@gmail.com so that the League can place it on the official flyer that will go out once the seeding and matchups for the tournament are announced.

The Gauntlet

     Current  Teams

Below are the current teams that we have signed up for the Gauntlet check out their team pages.

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