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The HFL will bring the NOVA area its first premiere flag football league. From weekly highlights to players and spectators being able to vote for end of the season all-stars. Our premiere event "The Gauntlet" an 8 team tournament that every flag team will want to be apart of. Soon to be NOVA's most exclusive flag tournament. Complete with mixtapes and much more.


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Fall Season is around the corner contact us and get your team in for free. 

HFL's First Season

The HFL is set to have its first fall season starting Sept 13th. Check out the teams poised to play.

Schedules out now!!!

HFL's Season Features

ThIs Fall Season we'll have weekly awards and end of the year awards voted on by the captains of the league. 





All -Division Teams (Captain votes)

All League Team(Captain Votes) 

Tournament Seeding

1. TBD

2. TBD

3. TBD

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8. TBD

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